Since the inception in 1988 up to now the whole Quran institution and the Branches have been supported by a few donors and wee-wishers. With the best use of this limited funds and human resources we have managed to reach such an expansion of Exceeding 75 Branches, over 3,000 Students. staffs of Huffaz and Alims.

You may join our hands in achieving the expansion target of 100 branches, 5,000 students and 250 staffs, in 2013, the year of our Silver jubilee.

Darul Quran Al Kareem – Branch Expansion

After the battle in North number of mosques have been reopened due to the resettlement of the Muslim refugees. It is right time to consider opening DQK branches in North and North – west to benefit these area Muslims.At the same time, there are many areas in the other parts of the island identified as poverty-ridden areas to consider opening new branches. In total, 30 to 40 branches could be opened within a short period, if sponsored partly or totally.

Darul Quran Al Kareem – Staff Training

For future standardizing of all round quality education and staff, we need to provide training to existing staffs and the new recruits. The following areas are identified as vital contents for training:

Introducing modern computerized teaching techniquesDeveloping language proficiency, especially EnglishProviding child psychology and class – room managementDeveloping interpersonal communication skillAny other requirement of training needed to face today’s challenging situations.

Darul Quran Al Kareem – Staff Development

We cannot forget those staffs that devote their lives in teaching Holy Quran. There are many deserving staffs, which need shelter, medical support for him and his dependants, emergency loans, educational support, etsc. These are areas where we can bring Allah’s mercy and help, if we consider helping those who are involved in the teaching of Holy Quran.Darul Quran Al-Kareem. With thousands of students with their Usthadhs, make Dua for the donors and well-wisher May Allah Subahanahu Ta’ala accept our efforts, and give us Isthiqamath in Dheen. Aameen!

Sponsorship Darul Quran Al-kareem
(Financial Requirement for Maintenance & Development)

Madrasa Development

  • Cost of a Branch - Minimum 25,000/-
  • Cost of a class - 25 X 600/- = 15,000/
  • Cost of a Student - 600/-

Ustaadh Development

  • House/Annex/Apartment - Minimum Rent 5,000/- to 10,000/-
  • Emergency Loan - 10,000/- 6 equal instalments
  • Medical Loan - Minimum 10,000/-

Ustaadh Training (6 months)

  • Cost of a class (40 students) - 60,000/-
  • Cost for an Ustaadh - 1,500/-

Social Services & Staff Welfare

  • Housing for Needy - Subject to Discuss


  • Emergency Medical Treatment - Up to 100,000/-
  • Emergency Relief - Up to 100,000/-

Refugees Resettlement North/North-west & Welfare

Madrasa Education
  • 600/- (person)
  • 15,000/- (class)
  • 25,000/- (Batch)


  • Sadaqah - Any amount
  • Zakath - For eligible staffs - Any amount
  • Lillah - Any Strategy - Any amount