The D U foundation is a non-profitable and non-governmental organization which aims to establish an educational system that infuses Islamic values into all disciplines of learning. It is the house of knowledge for Islamic education which aims to produce professionals who would become stellar citizens of the nation, who are able to make positive impacts to their lives and their surrounding environments.

Founded in the year 1988 Darul Quran al-Kareem was the first Institution of the DU foundation which marked the first step of a great journey, an odyssey with a great vision. Headed by the founder Al-Hafiz M.Mahir Mohideen with the help and the blessing of Allah (SWT), the DU foundation now acts as the central governing body of not only the Darul Quran al-Kareem but also the Darul Uloom Academy, a school with an Islamic environment, the Rawdha Ayesha, a Pre School for boys & girls and the Aisha Siddiqua, an institute that conducts Aalima courses.

Our great vision includes the inauguration of Guidance International Academy, an educational institute of a superior standard, where Islamic and secular education can come together in a fully state-of-the-art Setting . The near-future will also witness online teaching programs, vocational training centers, self employment schemes, foreign and local employment opportunities generated by our foundation and many more which will undoubtedly empower the youth of the nation.

The expansion program of the DU Foundation elaborates the envisioned journey of the institution which will most certainly bring peace and harmony amongst diverse cultures & religions keeping in line with Islam’s message of peace.