Success Stories

Alhmadulillah, I started my Hifzul Qura’an in the year 1997 as a part time student while studying at CIS Colombo. With the blessing of Almighty Allah I completed my Hifz in the year 2004 and also passed my G.C.E. Advance Level Examination with 4 A’s. I completed my medical studies at University of Glasgow UK in the medical faculty. I always pray that Darul Quran Al-Kareem should succeed in all its future endeavors. Ameen!

Dr. Hafiz Waseem Izzath

I started hifz under Ustaadh Hafiz Ilham at Darul Quran Al-Kareem in May 1999, when I was in grade 6 at Isipathana College, Colombo. I completed Hifz April 2005 under Ustaadh Hafiz Ifraadh. This was after the G.C.E. Ordinary Level (2004) examination. I completed my Advanced Level Examination in 2007 at Royal College, Colombo. Currently I am a 2nd year student of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, undertaking the course BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering.

Hafiz Mohamed Imthiaz Mohamed Infaz

Darul Quran Al-Kareem is an unforgettable house to me. I memorized the Holy Quran with the help of Allah. My Usthaadh Hafiz Mahir has been a friendly Ustaadh. His guidance took me to International Islamic University, Malaysia in 2005. I got Bachelors degree in Business Administration in 2009. Now I am a Consultant at Wusley Lanka (Pvt) Limited. Thanks to Darul Quran Al-Kareem.

Hafiz Wusley Muhammed Luthuf

“I joined Darul Quran Al-Kareem at Borella Jummah Masjid in August 2001 as a part time student, recited till end of 2002 & joined full time a Lower Bagatale Road and completed my Hifz along with Dowr in August 2004. Alhamdulillah!Presently I am a senior executive at Amana Takaful Insurance – Medical Takaful, and following a course conducted by the Institute of Islamic Banking & Insurance-UK. My basic education and guidance with Darul Quran Al-Kareem has led me to this achievement. I always wish to be with Darul Quran Al-Kareem which is an environment of Jannah!”

Hafiz Nadheer Muhammad Siddeeq